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our health, safety and environmental program


Our philosophy is that the well-being of our company and clients is dependent on the health and safety or our workforce. The Management of SSG promise that every precaution reasonable in all circumstances will be taken for the protection of all workers. No job is to be regarded so urgent that time cannot be taken to do it in a safe manner. The welfare of the individual is our greatest concern.

Why we are different


    SSG develops and implements Safe work procedures in compliance with our Health and Safety management program. The procedures are created and implemented site specifically. Every site site has its different challenges, SSG safe work procudes insure that employees performing certain tasks are performing them in safest possible manner. SSG develops the safe work procedures in step by step format that allowes the employees to understand implement the procedures safely.



    SSG safe work practices act as a guidline for the employees to undestand the tasks and perform them in safe and secure manner. Safe work practices are also developed site specifically, but most of the practices are industry standards. The practices are also developed in step by step manner, this helps the employees understand and implement them accordingly.


  • customer focused

    Security Services Group strives to continually serve our customers with assurance that each level of service provided is the best. We strongly believe and stand by customer satisfaction. It is our commitment to better understand our customer’s needs and continually improve the way we conduct business at all levels of our operation. By focusing on this, we are able to deliver consistent, dependable and reliable services to all our customers.

ssg management

We obtain our commitment to provide our customers with quality services they expect from us. While service is very important to us, it is the process of collaborating and coordinating with the client that is the crucial benefactor in success of our company.  Our management works with our clients to constantly improve our services combined with their methodology. We establish best practices and implement a system of service management, which includes employee performance, development, changes and handling issues.

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our affiliations


SSG is in process of obtaining a COR with ACSA. SSG's current Safety Programs are in compliance with ACSA, and we can provide a temporary COR Letter from ACSA.



SSG is an associate member with Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association. SSG promotes local jobs and communities throughout Alberta.


Better Business Bureau

SSG through its sustained service officering and exceptional customer service, has achieved A+ rating from BBB.



SSG is a member of ISN, a third party safety compliance company. Please contact your ISN contact to connect with SSG ISN account.