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security services for retail & malls

shopping malls

Shopping Malls have always been a potential target for thefts, and burglaries. Security at shopping malls can be very challenging, because of the high number of shoppers and visitors present at one time. At SSG, we create security plan personalized for each facility according to its size, and volume of people. It is very important to have a good security presence in high volume areas, due to which we use a police like tactical uniforms. Customer service is also a very crucial part of security in Malls, and we make sure our guards are experienced and trained in customer service skills.

It is surprising that most of these thefts are internal. External threats also claim a good percentage of thefts and losses. Our security guard solutions can help you achieve your security and safety goals, and make your facility theft and accident free.

  • Parking Control
  • Visitor Help Desk
  • Regular patrolling
  • Detection of unusual activities
  • High End Retail security
  • Hazard detection and safety enforcement
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Key holding for retail spaces
  • Escort contractors and night watch.

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  • Facility Access Control / Gatehouse Security
  • Night watch and Fire watch
  • Pipeline Patrol (Roving patrol)
  • Road Blocks and Speed Enforcement
  • Labour Strikes and Emergency Shutdown
  • Hazard Detection and Risk Mitigation

mobile PATROLS

  • GPS Tracked Mobile Patrols
  • Highly Visible Security Vehicles
  • Monitor Electrical & Mechanical Rooms
  • Patrolling Parkades and Lobby
  • Parking Enforcement & Control
  • Reports Emailed daily before 8 AM.
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  • New Installations and Upgrades
  • Live Surveillance
  • Ongoing Services and Maintenance
  • Yearly Cleanup of Cameras
  • Record video on Cloud
  • View Live video from anywhere
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SSG is in process of obtaining a COR with ACSA. SSG's current Safety Programs are in compliance with ACSA, and we can provide a temporary COR Letter from ACSA.


Better Business Bureau

SSG through its sustained service officering and exceptional customer service, has achieved A+ rating from BBB.



SSG is a member of ISN, a third party safety compliance company. Please contact your ISN contact to connect with SSG ISN account.




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