SSG develops Video security systems with latest image analytics. State-of-the-art equipment helps to reduce or eliminate false alarms and identify intruders so appropriate actions can be taken.

Remote View

Get setup to view your property or site 24/7 for safety or documentation purposes. Your site at your view from anywhere.

24/7 Security

Our monitoring center and dispatch works 24/7 to address your security needs. Provide any update or any concern anytime. 

Reduce Costs

With our monitoring solutions, clients have saved upto 50% as compared to Static Guards. Mix and Fit to get the greatest value. 

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Our alarm agents work with latest technology and document site changes in real time which the clients can access in there portal for site activity verification. 


Detailed site logs are kept in order to document site activity and suspicious behavior activities. Address your site matters by making sound decision from data we provide. 


SSG client portal allowes clients to access site data in real time with multimedia and report updates. Clients can connect to site security via portal and view any site incidents or safety concerns. 


SSG Technicians and its partner take utmost responsibility in safe measures to control the spread emid this epedemic.
Message from our administration. 

Solar Surveillance Unit - 24/7 Operations

For assets and equipment left without any physical protection or measures, our Recon trailers work a visible deterrant to thieves and mischifs. With Live monitoring and alarm triggering. 

Solar Powered

Our units either hybrid or complete solar units for isolated long term deployment strategy.

24/7 Operations

Our units work 24/7 to secure your assets, we have our mobile security response that is ready 24/7 to address any system failures. 


Deploy Anytime Anywhere

Our units are deployable with minutes and linked to our monitoring staion in no matter of time. 

Cellular/Satellite Connection

Our units use the latest equipment for maximum efficient bandwidth control. Satelite connection may be required in some remote regions. 


Deter instruders via Siren, Strobe, and Light Alarms!!! 

SSG alarm agents are specially trained and equipped with latest technology for detection and response via Sirens, Voice Comm and Strobes. 

Contact Authorities after identifying activity!!! 

Once our alarm agents have odentified the intrustion and taken active measures, our mobile security is informed to head toward the sites direction, while another agent will be on alert to communicate activity to the cirrect authorities. 


Other Security Services.

* Onsite Security for Nightwatch/Custodial/Access Control Services. 
* Scheduled security patrols and emergency secuirty response. 
* Firewatch and Equipment watch.
* Site documentation and control/Concierge / Front Desk Services. 
* All site Data and communication logged on SSG network. 
* Client Portal setup for security data/reports.
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* Random and determined security patrols in marked security vehicles.
* Full parameter/interior/exterior/Locks/Overhead Doors and Visual Check. 
* Patrols fully documented and data stored for evidence purposes. 
* Emergency Response and Alarm response services. 
* Key holding and custodial services/ After hours key holding.
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* 24/7 Security Monitoring and dispatch center. 
* Licensed and Trained Alarm agents to handle on spot and time sensitive situation. 
* After hours security response, with remote concierge services. 
* Alarm agents with capabilities of taking action remotely, with onsite deterrants like strobes, sirens, and two way communication to verify site activity.
*  Our Dispacth Agents have an advantage of managing in house team of field secuirty response via SSG mobile or partner security companies throughout Canada. 
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* Front security staff for managed or supervised access control, plain clothed or uniformed staff. 
* Back office or remote cctv support from agents that are trained to detect suspicious behaviour/activities/
* Reduce your losses by edvanced managed security and use of latest AI technology. 
* On spot evidence collection and footaage collection, red flagging individuals with repeated offence history. 
* Back office security support and important delivery transportation and handling. 
* Daily store opening and closures for retail or facilities. 
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* Business security cameras systems, access control and alarm systems. 
* We supply, We intall, We maintain.
* We perform new security intalls for mid construction wiring and final commisioning. 
* Select your security equipment from industry leaders like, Bosche, Axis, Hikvsion, Honeywell and HID.
*  We provide our workmanship warranty on our installs and after hour response for premium security clients. 
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*Discuss your site security requirements with our team of experienced and trained security professionals with years of experience in field and in consultation. 
* From pre site assesments to initiation/commisioning of the site, and post event sdvancements, SSG provides step by step cooperation.
* SSG collects security data for future event preperation, pre planning and expectation management. 
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Office Buildings

Offices buildings require stringent security measures. After hours building custodial and concierge services. 


Construction Projects

With minimum and temporary security boundaries, construction sites are regular target of theft and breakins. 


Industrial & Oilfield

Oilfield and Industrial facilities require after hour custodial or access control management services, Worker camps and facility control. 


Residential Towers

Highrise condo buildings are reularly targetted fr vandalism and after hour access control, Remote concierge with automated security measures. 


Distribution Centers

Stockpile or Distribution centers require a very complex and stringent security measures to keep operations intact.  Gate Control/Audits.

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