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SSG develops Video security systems with latest image analytics. State-of-the-art equipment helps to reduce or eliminate false alarms and identify intruders so appropriate actions can be taken.

Video Security Surveillance Benefits

Clients can benefit in many ways by choosing remote video security solutions for their businesses. 


Remote View

Get setup to view your property or site 24/7 for safety or documentation purposes. Your site at your view from anywhere.


24/7 Security

Our monitoring center and dispatch works 24/7 to address your security needs. Provide any update or any concern anytime.


Save on Cost

With our monitoring solutions, clients have saved upto 50% as compared to Static Guards. Mix and Fit to get the greatest value.


Our alarm agents work with latest technology and document site changes in real time which the clients can access in there portal for site activity verification.


Detailed site logs are kept in order to document site activity and suspicious behavior activities. Address your site matters by making sound decision from data we provide.


SSG client portal allows clients to access site data in real time with multimedia and report updates. Clients can connect to site security via portal and view any site incidents or safety concerns


Video Security Boxes

Business that has assets out in open and have low barriers to site entry must consider protection via SSG CCTV Video detection system. Lice agents respond to site activities and engage via site deterrents. 


Solar Surveillance Unit

For assets and equipment left without any physical protection or measures, our Recon trailers work a visible deterrent to thieves and mischief. With Live monitoring and alarm triggering. 


Video Monitoring Services

SSG Alarm agents are experienced and trained in responding to site activities and stop crime while happening. Agents engage with Sirens and Strobes to deter criminals. Contact authorities to catch thefts live. 

   Industries We Service

  • Construction and Community Projects
  • Automotive and Recreation vehicle Dealerships
  • Condominiums and Residential Buildings
  • Strip malls and retail shops
  • Commercial business and Industrial yards
  • Remote Industrial facilities / Oilfield / Mining
  • Storage yards and Asset lay-down areas
  • Liquore and Cannabis Stores
  • Golf courses and recreational facilities
  • Distributions centres and warehouses
  • Hotels, Motels and recreation facilities 

Areas of Operations

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Phone: +1 (587) 353 4626
Toll Free Canada: 1 855 489 6874
Fax: +1 (587) 359 0559

Calgary Office  
#500, 5940 Macleod Trail South West Macleod Place II, , Calgary, Alberta, T2H 2G4
Field Office 
14500 Symons Valley Rd NW
Calgary Alberta