On-Site Security and Remote Monitoring since 2012

Security Services Group/SSG provides Security Guards Services, Mobile Patrols and Live Video Monitoring Solutions to Commercial buildings, Construction Sites, Oilfield and Industrial Clients in Calgary and rest of Alberta. For Best Security Guard Services and Live Video Monitoring, companies in Calgary have trusted SSG Security since 2012. 


SSG is a professional Security services company, providing services since 2012 with Head Quarter in Calgary, and operations in Vancouver and Toronto.


Clients Served 

Security Services Group Inc SSG has served hundreds of clients in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

1 B

Billion + In Protected Assets

SSG is fortunate in protecting Billion plus in assets to date, from commercial complexes, retail outlets and Oil and Gas Sites. 

1 M

 Million Hours worked

SSG has performed work by hundreds of employees directly employed or via Subcontractors and partner companies.

Industry Affiliations

SSG had maintained high ratings in Security and Safety with Compliance Companies and Clients Internal Safety Audits 


Security Services Group is proud partner of Alberta Construction and Safety Association. ACSA is also partner in Injury reduction, SSG has COR in process. 

BBB A+ Rating

SSG has been affiliated with BBB since 2014, and has recieved A+ rating with Better Business Bureau in order to provide excellent services


Many of our Industrial clients use ISN for safety audits and assessment from third party like ISN, SSG holds A+ Green status from ISN assessments. 


SSG is also uses copmlywork for third party safety and company compliance. Clients that require Complywork. 

Steps to Secure your Site via SSG Process

SSG works with clients to ensure that thier security and safety requirements are met properly. SSG has developed a process that is unique in its implementation and provides great User Experience. 


Schedule Onsite/Phone meeting to discuss requirements.

Organizations can have different security requirements and no One solution sometime can be acceptable. Talk to our team on phone or via zoom and discuss your site security matters in detail. SSG is professional security organization, all discussion and meeting are held to professional standards and security issues are kept with utmost discretion.


Get site Assesment and Risk Analysis

SSG will perform a detailed site risk assessment to determine the best solution for your business. Clients are provided the results with costs and the best advise based on the assessment. Once the assessment has been performed and final solution has been determined and selected, SSG will provide site projection security plan and keeps continuously client upto date. 


Deployment of Security Solutions.

When it comes to initiating a security service, the selected security service must be closely observed for three or more weeks. Our services managers work very closely with the security team and the clients to overcome any security any site security challenges.


Post Security Meetings and Security Performance Measure. 

Ongoing evaluations of the security measures are done on ongoing basis to make sure that your business operations are running 24/7 without any problems or losses. Scheduled site meetings with managers or site contact are made to discuss ongoing performance of the security plan for the site.  

Security Solutions.

* Onsite Security for Night watch/Custodial/Access Control Services.
* Scheduled security patrols and emergency security response.
* Firewatch and Equipment watch.
* Site documentation and control/Concierge / Front Desk Services.
* All site Data and communication logged on SSG network.
* Client Portal setup for security data/reports.
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* Random and determined security patrols in marked security vehicles.
* Full parameter/interior/exterior/Locks/Overhead Doors and Visual Check.
* Patrols fully documented, and data stored for evidence purposes.
* Emergency Response and Alarm response services.
* Key holding and custodial services/ After hours key holding.
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* 24/7 Security Monitoring and dispatch center.
* Licensed and Trained Alarm agents to handle on spot and time sensitive situation.
* After hours security response, with remote concierge services.
* Alarm agents with capabilities of taking action remotely, with onsite deterrents like strobes, sirens, and two-way communication to verify site activity.
* Our Dispatch Agents have an advantage of managing in house team of field security response via SSG mobile or partner security companies throughout Canada.
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* Front security staff for managed or supervised access control, plain clothed or uniformed staff.
* Back office or remote cctv support from agents that are trained to detect suspicious behaviour/activities/
* Reduce your losses by advanced managed security and use of latest AI technology.
* On spot evidence collection and footage collection, red flagging individuals with repeated offence history.
* Back-office security support and important delivery transportation and handling.
* Daily store opening and closures for retail or facilities.
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* Business security cameras systems, access control and alarm systems.
* We supply, We install, We maintain.
* We perform new security installs for mid construction wiring and final commissioning.
* Select your security equipment from industry leaders like, Bosch, Axis, Hikvsion, Honeywell and HID.
* We provide our workmanship warranty on our installs and after hour response for premium security clients.  
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*Discuss your site security requirements with our team of experienced and trained security professionals with years of experience in field and in consultation.
* From pre site assessments to initiation/commissioning of the site, and post event advancements, SSG provides step by step cooperation.
* SSG collects security data for future event preparation, pre planning and expectation management.
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Our Security Solutions 



Highrise buildings are regularly targeted for vandalism and after hour access control, Remote concierge with automated security measures.



High End Retail security services and Back end support, Loss prevention Officers, and CCTV Video detection and analysis. 



Stockpile or Distribution centers require a very complex and stringent security measures to keep operations intact. Gate Control/Audits.



Oilfield and Industrial facilities require after hour custodial or access control management services, Worker camps and facility control.



With minimum and temporary security boundaries, construction sites are regular target of theft and break-ins. Select from CCTV Monitoring or Onsite Security.



 Important Government Infrastructure requires careful and detailed security checks in order to keep all site traffic and property areas, damage free and operational. 

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