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Security solutions for construction projects on all stages


construction project security

Construction sites are one of the most attractive and easy target for thieves in Alberta, and the main reason for this is because the security barriers are very low. Workers Safety and site hazards accidents are also major concerns for contractors. These kinds of losses end up costing the contractors a lot of money and waste of time. Theft and accidents are few of the reasons that could make construction projects more expensive than the contractors have budgeted for. Our Security Guard solutions can address most of the security concerns that contractors have.

  • Fire watch & Night watch
  • Access control and contractor logging
  • Equipment inspection
  • Unusual activity detection and reporting
  • Detect leaks and unusual noises
  • Safety and Hazard detection
  • Laydown yard access and monitoring
  • Reduce cost by combining live Surveillance
  • Safety Enforcement & Risk Mitigation

Services overview


  • Night watch and Fire watch
  • Tracked regular Patrols of the building
  • Emergency Evacuation planning
  • Quarterly health and safety inspection
  • Threat and Risk Analysis
  • Parking control & enforcement
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mobile PATROLS

  • GPS Tracked Mobile Patrols
  • Highly Visible Security Vehicles
  • Monitor Electrical & Mechanical Rooms
  • Patrolling Parkades and Lobby
  • Parking Enforcement & Control
  • Reports Emailed daily before 8 AM.
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SURVEILLANCE + Guard response


    Protect your project by customizing on site guard services with live video surveillance. Our clients can choose their own surveillance provider and integrate the it with our security guard solutions, or SSG can provide both onsite guard + CCTV surveillance in one bill. This combination of service has worked best on our sites, and our clients have reported 0% theft on the properties

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Useful info

Courtesy Officers Vs Security Officers by Chris E McGoey CPP, CSP

Is there a difference between a uniformed security guard and a courtesy officer on an apartment property? The name obviously...but their function is often identical. It seems that some apartment managers believe that calling a uniformed security guard a "courtesy officer" somehow reduces their exposure to civil liability.

Un-Authorized Occupants

Rental housing crime studies have repeatedly shown that moderate to high-crime problems can usually be traced back to a small percentage of residents. Those causing the crime problems are often the acquaintances, ex-spouses, or boyfriends of a legal resident who decided to move in without your permission.

The Business of Travel Safety and Security  by Tzviel Blankchtein

On January 16, 2013, around 40 al Qaeda-affiliaqted terrorists took over the Tigantourine gas facility near In Amenas, Algeria, taking more than 800 people hostage. During the initial takeover and a subsequent four-day siege, militants went door to door in search of foreigners, then held them hostage, executed them, or used them as human shields