Security Technology Solutions

Secure your business and assets bu integrating the latest security technology solutions. IP Security camera solutions, access control solutions and remote video monitoring provided by licensed and trained security agents.

We understand how important security equipment can be and the role it plays in collection of evidence, reference checks and for general purpose of safety and security of staff. Select from the best know brands like Axis, Bosch, Mobotix, Panasonic, Hikvision, HID, and many more manufacturers.

IP Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

SSG provides finished installations and ongoing maintenance for IP Cameras, Access control and Alarm Systems. SSG uses equipment engineered by some of the top security camera manufacturers. We use the latest practices while performing installation and utilize the equipment to maximize coverage of important area. A good security system integration can eliminate the risk of loss of footage or coverage problems and assist in investigations. 


Schedule your site assessment

Talk to our product specialists and discuss your security requirements in detail. In many scenarios clients are not aware of the current security hardware, schedule an onsite assessment to evaluate your complete security requirements.


Select Best Technology

We will provide options of security hardware and make recommendations where required to further enhance your security. Hardware demos can scheduled for quality comparisons.


Schedule your Install

Once the site hardware and estimate has been approved, schedule your install. Our technicians work 24/7, schedule your overnight security install for non interruption of business.

Business Alarm Systems

Security alarms are in most facilities and buildings the first security deterrent that detect trouble. Good equipment with secured wiring and sensors have no parallel in motion detection and detecting break-ins. Secure your building or office by selecting the best equipment and monitoring services.


Alarm Hardware Installation

Choose from industry leading brands like, Honeywell.
* Fully interactive Main Interface
* Motion detectors/Glass break/Water leak
* Add HD security cam to your alarm system.
* Installs performed by trained and certified technicians.

24/7 monitoring performed by ULC monitoring station. 

Access and Gate Control

Control site and office traffic by installing the latest Acces control and gate access systems. 


Honest and Dependable

Select from the latest access and gate control systems and secure your facility and control the access by setting authorizations. Facilities can have stringent access control requirements; areas of the site or facility can be controlled by allowing access to employees based on their security clearance, department and time of access..

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